"It doesn´t need to be accurate, as long as it is exact"

Let´s merge new technology and photography 


Over of twenty years of work to solve photo technical challenges have created both a unique knowledge base and a large international network.

Engagement =

We love new technology!
Thus, new technology that works for you and your project. Smart, modern solutions in which we often ourselves are involved in the development.


We deliver exactly what you ask for.
And we help you to navigate, regardless of whether it is a single picture or a whole development project.

Update... (in Swedish only)

2016 > 03

Nedan pågår klargöring inför ett kommande fotouppdrag som kräver högsta möjliga stillbildskvalitet. Vi kommer använda en systemkamera med 24.3 megapixels upplösning och dubbla videolänkar med telemetridata överlagrat i bilden.

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