In-house developed software

Normally, we solve most calculations and adjustments with existing software. But sometimes missing features for an effective workflow leads us to develop a new tool. A couple of these "specials" have become so appreciated that we now market them as their own products. Read more below.


Audio Focus

OmniSync is an easy to use media player for studying measurement data along with film. It requires no hardware to run the program, which actually does not even need to be installed. It is possible to run directly from a CD or USB memory where both film and measurement data are stored.
We have listened to the industry and among other things, implemented automatic loading of data from the crash test dummies and camera manufacturers. The program is used by both Swedish and foreign authorities. Download software and manuals  here. For pricing, payment options etc. please refer to the OmniSync webshop.

Sometimes you stand outside in full sunlight and try to adjust the focus of the camera. Wouldn't it be great if, instead of that illegible computer screen you could use your ears and hear when you set the maximum sharpness? It is now possible thanks to this little program. Select the area of the picture you want focused and adjust the focus on the camera until you hear the highest tone. Ingenious, isn't it? The program is free, but if you use it commercially, you are welcome to donate some money so we can keep our programmers fit and alert with freshly brewed coffee. You will find the program here