What can we do for you?

EyeCap is a consultant company in the areas of technical imaging and analysis photography.
We have special expertise to study fast-paced action in extreme environments. We also have equipment to take those pictures or movies from above, as well as extensive experience in the field of video editing/digital imaging. We are also developing software in the areas above. Read more under software or go directly to our online shop.


High speed digital filming for advertising and inspection purposes. And we're talking really high-speed; high-tech Japanese cameras, capable of  capturing over 2 million frames / sec! Here, even the fastest events are being revealed in slow motion.


Aerial film/photography for advertising and inspection purposes. We have built and sold drones, filmed and photographed from the air for over five years. The company holds the official permits and insurances required. You as a customer can feel confident that we are doing it in a professional way.
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Method development

We can help you to build new photo systems and find an efficient flow through the entire process. The solutione is often about "thinking outside the box" and not to get lost in all the new technology. Focus on results and to utilize technology in a smart way.  Read more...