Employees and business philosophy

Torben Gustavsson
Founder and CEO


My background: I have been working with camera-based measurement technology since the early 90s. I founded EyeCap AB in 1998 after a university degree in media technology.
The company's mission: To offer customers an efficient, trouble-free and thoroughly professional support within our competence.
Method: We shall be responsive to customer requirements, but also be able to direct camera-based projects to success. We want to use the small business opportunity for quick decisions and dynamic methods.
Customers: EyeCap AB's recurring customers include ÅF, SVT, TT Spectra, Bonnier and several companies and authorities in the defense sector.
          Direct number: 
          +4670-555 77 20



The competence pool
Each an expert in their field


Instead of hiring, we have over many years built up a unique international network of entrepreneurs in the industry. It gives us the flexibility that modern camera-based projects require. When we purchase services from each other, we know that companies that supply always do their utmost for the product to live up to requirements definition. Some of the skills we regularly hire include programming (C #), electronic design, and camera operators with specialist skills.